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Brand Britain has taken a hit after Brexit vote, finds JWT research

People are feeling less positive about being British since the Brexit vote and three in four consumers believe the ‘essence of Britain’ will change due to the EU referendum, according to research.


A survey of 1,000 British adults by J. Walter Thompson Europe following the Brexit vote found just 37% of respondents felt positive emotions towards the British ‘person’, versus 55% after the Olympics in 2012.

While 69% of the respondents believe Brexit will have a negative impact on brands, some 71% think brands could help educate them on what the vote means for their products and services.

J. Walter Thompson Europe chief executive Toby Hoare said: “The coverage around and reaction to Brexit alongside the comments we have seen in the research show that this essence may well change for the worst – the risk is very real so brands need to prepare for this and be sensitive to the ever changing environment.”

The agency’s Sonar research tool found 67% of people want British brands to ensure prices of their products and services remain the same.

However, 56% believe the outcome of the EU referendum will have a negative impact on the cost of products.

Some 67% believe British brands should have “better communication about where the products and services are from”, while 65% of consumers want brands to communicate them in a more open way.

Hoare said: “Companies and brands need to redouble their efforts to be seen to be collaborative, open minded and thinking about possibilities that go beyond their own borders, and even beyond consumers.

“They can also play a massive role in abating some of the obvious fears that a huge number of consumers have by educating them – in all manner of areas. This is a great opportunity. The brands that position themselves as open and progressive and for everybody are the ones that most people will want to associate themselves with and buy into. They need to be seen to be part of the new world.”

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