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Dubai based start-up, Brndstr, is helping brands own their moment to allow Real Time marketing opportunities.

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Company: Brndstr Inc

Sector:  Real Time Marketing Solutions

Based in: Dubai, UAE

Regions covered: Global

Founded by: Simon Hudson

Is he a rocket scientist? Simon Hudson is the CEO and Founder of – a real time studio for brands. To date Hudson has raised over $1.6m in funding and manages a team of 12 staff in 3 countries. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Hudson worked for Trump Towers in Miami and more recently as a senior figure at Groupon Middle East. Hudson has an active interest in the UAE startup community and over the past three years, he has been busy helping to grow, build and develop the Dubai startup circuit. His portfolio includes Chapter Director for, moderator of the previous Young Arab Leader events, and a coach at early events of Dubai Startup Weekend. He is a regular contributor to the monthly entrepreneur column for newspaper 7days UAE and local edition of the globally recognised Entrepreneur Magazine.

Who are you major backers? Funsho International – $1.6m seed funding raised

Whats the track record? Launched just over 18 months ago, Brndstr had a clear objective – help brands to create real-time, in-the-moment campaigns. Focusing initially on Twitter, Brndstr’s aim was to help brands and agencies build engaging campaigns using its custom built technology together with the Twitter API and Ads Platform. Brndstr quickly became an extension to the creative teams helping a brand to ‘own a moment’ and further engage with their fan base using innovative solutions with cleaver API technology. In May this year, Brndstr will launch a new App for Instagram called Innbx at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York.

What do they say? We worked closely with Brndstr during our 2014 Influencer campaign. As part of our town hall event we wanted to find an innovative way to let our audience use #Tags to vote for who they believed was the most influential person of 2014. The team at Brndstr are extremely professional and the quality of work is outstanding. Using a company like Brndstr helps us get the most out of social media platforms and engage with our audience. They are definitely one company to watch out for this year.
– Becky Anderson, CNN News Anchor

We partnered with Brndstr to help our clients create engaging campaigns on Twitter. As an agency we are always looking for those innovative companies that can help offer out of the box, first mover advantages and Brndstr most certainly does. When our clients requested – their team came to present the creative concept, loaded with Brndstr Swag and live demonstrations. They are one of the coolest companies we have worked with, the branding and office space is award winning and I would have no hesitations in recommending them to agencies Richard Fitzgerald, Mindshare

What does this mean? Brndstrs unique approach is helping brands and agencies come up with not only creative ideas but also to use its engineering team to execute the build and implementation of a campaign. Working directly with social networks and becoming API experts means they know the limits to what can be done in as short time possible allowing Real Time marketing opportunities.

What makes your company different to its competitors? Brndstr is a western cultured, nimble business based in a middle-eastern country. We offer cutting edge innovations and have extensive API knowledge on Twitter and Instagram. Our team consists of over 10 nationalities offering a diverse range of both language and cultural understanding.

First clients: To date, Brndstr has partnered with a number of household names including McDonalds, Virgin Megastore, CNN, Sheraton and globally-pervasive UBER.

How could your company change the world? By offering real-time solutions that people can do ‘In The Moment’ giving the world access to instant gratification.

Who do they compete with?

There is maybe more companies who offer API integration and campaign creation but there is only one Brndstr! We create campaigns based on a brands need and not a technical ability.

Who should be worried? Never worry about action, but only inaction – Winston Churchill

If you could choose any investor globally who would it be? We would be interested to have a coffee with a visionary who shows they understand how innovation is the future. These include Evan Williams, Elon Musk and Wauren Buffet

If you could poach any member of staff from any company in the world who would it be? Evan Williams or Jack Dorsey


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