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Online video drives consumer purchasing

10 December 2012
Online video drives consumer purchasing

Forty-six percent of internet users in the UK watch brand-related online videos every week, according to Visibility IQ’s Social Video Report 2012.

The study, conducted by Entertainment Media Research, showed that of consumers who watch product demonstration videos, 96% are likely to consider purchasing the item afterwards. Almost six in 10 (57%) have actually gone on to buy the item after seeing it in an online video.

Seven in 10 (71%) have purchased items twice or more over the last year after seeing a video promoting a product or service  and 40% of males aged between 20-34 have bought at least five items after watching product videos.

More than half of those surveyed stated that after watching brand-related content, they are likely to share it with friends who they consider might be interested. After watching an informative or entertaining video, 54% would always/sometimes visit the brand website and 37% would write a positive comment about the video.

Overall, the survey found that 78% of UK internet users aged 15-64 watch an online video every week. Sixty-seven percent of internet users will use YouTube to find videos, followed by Facebook (56%) and Google (52%).

The most popular videos to view are personal interest and hobby videos, watched by more than half (54%) of internet users each week, followed by new stories (48%), music videos (45%) and movie/book trailers (37%).

Males aged 15-34 are the most frequent viewers of online videos, with 81% watching videos on a daily basis. Seventy-three percent of females aged 15-24 watch online videos each day and 78% of students.  

Jenni Baker, London


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