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Meet the M&M Awards judges: Fernando Silva

Fernando Silva, CEO MediaCom Latin America, is a judge on this year’s M&M Global Awards and reveals how data and transparency are the biggest challenges facing the industry right now, and how he seems himself as like two jungle animals…

What do you believe are the key trends and insights dominating international media right now? 

Big Data and Transparency are the recurring themes in the industry all over the world. Advertisers have been challenging their agencies very strongly in this regard since 2016 and 2017 is going to be a turning point for us all.

What are the biggest challenges the industry faces?

From Latin America’s perspective these trends are also amongst the biggest challenges. On one hand, there’s the data challenge where we have a wide spectrum of situations, ranging from the more developed markets to the ones where accessing data still has a significant cost. And without data, it is certainly very difficult to make the right decisions for our clients. So, as an industry, we need to make sure we address this issue in the short term.

On the other hand transparency is an issue that goes beyond our industry in the region and reaches out to country government levels, with several situations across the region where consumers and citizens are making a claim for transparency from their leaders. This is also expected from their brands. Within our industry we have multiple players and certainly some, like SOX compliant agencies, who are in better shape to provide it to their clients.

What does the industry look like in the next 12 months?

The hot topics I just mentioned will be part of the conversation and hopefully we’ll be talking about how we made progress in a years time.

Additionally, as we believe at MediaCom, we will stop thinking about contact choices (TV, Digital, etc.) and think only of the experiences their strategies will offer. After all every new advance in technology proves everything is connected and intertwined and that all messages can be delivered through many contact choices.

What do you want to see from the shortlisted campaigns for this year’s M&M Global Awards?

Creativity and better connections with consumers through data insights. I also expect to see innovative out of home, or event campaigns that provide truly engaging experiences.

What do you think makes for a winning entry?

At Cannes, we learned that to be a winner in advertising a brand needs to share the beliefs of the consumers and speak to them from their “hearts”. Only the ones that take those beliefs into their communication will fully engage with their audiences. Those are the campaigns that can be truly emotional.

What campaign, or campaigns do you think have set the bar for international media in the last 12 months?

Fearless Girl. It’s amazing to think that something as minimal as that one can send out such a meaningful and powerful message to everyone around the globe.

This year the awards ceremony is moving to the Natural History Museum and as a result we are encouraging the industry to unleash the beast within them, if you had to choose one of the following which animal would best represent you?

 1) Raptor

You identify an opportunity and are swift to act, agile enough to adapt to continual change and always able to sniff out and hunt down new opportunities.

2) Eagle

You have an uncanny ability to identify trends and insights before they happen, analyse data and act on it to generate business success.

3) Blue Whale

You like to think big and look at the bigger picture. You are thoughtful and think thoroughly before acting to ensure the right experience is delivered at the right time. Your broad shoulders and enthusiasm mean you are a rock for you team.

4) Lion

You are a born leader, leading by example and inspiring your teams through hard work, passion, enthusiasm and industry knowledge. You are not afraid to make the tough calls, but equally are happy to be guided by your team.

I would like to think that I would be the Raptor, with some hints of a Lion too.

More information on the M&M Global Awards is here. It is going to be the first event under ‘Hope’ the new blue whale in the Natural History Museum.

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