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Email more important than social media for online marketers

22 May 2012
Email more important than social media for online marketers
More than 50% of online marketers place a higher priority on improving email marketing campaigns than building their social media communities according to research from Emailvision.

Better personalisation of emails was the highest priority for 58% of online marketers followed by 52% who considered an increased number of subscribers their main concern. Less than a quarter (23%) considered increasing the number of email campaigns they carried out to be their biggest priority.

Boosting social media marketing came behind email campaigns with 22% of online marketers thinking that increasing their efforts in building social media communities was their highest priority. Increasing the number of social media marketing initiatives was the priority for 18% of marketers and 17% saw their highest priority as integrating social and email marketing campaigns.

Improving the quality of mobile marketing campaigns appears to be unpopular with only 10% of online marketers considering this to be their highest priority.

The survey was carried out in May 2012 and took in the views of more than 560 online marketers.

David Hing, London


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