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Women more likely to click on Facebook ads

22 May 2012
Women more likely to click on Facebook ads

Women in the US were 12% more likely than men to click on an ad on Facebook, according to research from Facebook ad management solutions provider AdParlor.

Globally, the average click-through rate for men on Facebook ads was 0.066% during the first quarter of 2012 and 0.048% in Q2. By contrast, women clicked at rates of 0.073% in Q1 and 0.063% in Q2 – a difference of 10.6% and 31.3%, respectively.

In the US, costs per click and CPMs were higher amongst both genders than the worldwide rates during each quarter of 2011 and click-through rates were higher as well. In the US, females’ click rate of 0.075% was 12% higher than males’ rate of 0.067%.

According to Emarketer, US advertisers will spend $2.58bn on Facebook this year, with another $2.48bn from advertisers across the globe.

Last week, a AP-CNBC poll revealed that eight in 10 US Facebook users say they hardly ever or never click on online advertising or sponsored content when using the site, while another report found that 44% of global consumers would ‘never’ click on a Facebook ad.

Jenni Baker, London


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