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Samsung tops global ‘Meaningful Brands’ list

Samsung has topped Havas’ poll to find the world’s most ‘Meaningful Brand’, a title which it believes can increase ‘share of wallet’ by up to seven times.


The project, last carried out in 2013, saw Havas survey 300,000 people in 34 countries about 1,000 brands, to discover which possesses the greatest brand strength.

Research factors in elements such as personal wellbeing, collective wellbeing and marketplace factors.

Despite its recent decline in handset sales, Samsung emerged triumphant in the global list, followed by Google in second place and Nestle in third. Baking firm Bimo and electronics giant Sony complete the top five. Samsung’s arch-rival Apple finished in twenty-fourth place.

According to Havas, brands which have enjoyed the largest increase in ‘meaningfulness’ include Honda, LG, ING and AXA.

Dominique Delport, global managing director at Havas Media Group, said: “Great marketing has a cumulative effect as it’s shared – it naturally flows and gains momentum. We will only share ideas if brands do stuff that matters to us.

“We now look to brands for meaningful connections – big or small. By understanding this, our Meaningful Brands project becomes central to how brands communicate in this new organic world.”

The report also showed that consumers in different global regions enjoy varying degrees of connections to brands. In Asia, people care about 60% of brands – 10 times higher than the rate in the West, where consumers have become more sceptical.

Maria Garrido, global head of data and consumer insights at Havas Media Group, added: “Brands that enhance the wellbeing of people, communities and societies are more meaningful.

“In the West, we have a more functional relationship with brands so continuous innovation and product delivery is key. In high growth markets, the relationship between people and brands is one that focuses more on personal benefits. In these regions people look to brands to help them achieve economic status, better experiences and every-day inspiration.”

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